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Senior Meal Solutions Meals

Many seniors have spent much of their lives cooking for families, and now they find they no longer have the desire to cook nor do they want the mess, meal planning and inconvenience of cooking for one or two people.

Many times their children are concerned that their parents are not getting the nutrition they need, and they need a service that offers senior meal delivery.

This is it! A reliable, cost-effective, delicious senior meal solution. See our senior menu page for an explanation of our two menus.


Thank You Senior Meal Solutions and! My elderly mom wanted to move back into her own home from a Seniors Apartment Complex. I was reluctant because I didn't want her cooking over her stove any longer. Your meals are packaged and delivered to her home in such a manner that she is truly independent again. And not to mention she LOVES how everything tastes. I also want to THANK YOU for making it easy to do business with you.
~Art H.

My father loves the meals he receives from The meals are easy for him to prepare and very tasty, Thanks!
~Rick M.

Our Senior Meals

Beef Pot Roast - Complete Meals
Beef Pot Roast - Complete Meals
Chicken Fried Rice - Complete Meals
Chicken Fried Rice - Complete Meals
Honey Garlic Sesame Chicken Breast
Honey Garlic Sesame Chicken Breast- Complete Meals