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A la Carte Menu

A la Carte Menu: Meals that are handmade without preservatives and are great tasting, with a wide selection to choose from. Selections here can be for a single person or more than one.

Home style Healthy: Within the A la Carte Menu, we have healthy options such as Low carb meals, dairy-free, diabetic-friendly, gluten free, low fat, vegetarian and low cholesterol.

Meal Plans: All meal plans are personally customized to fit your specific dietary requirements as well as your own food tastes. There are no commitments or contracts and all meals are guaranteed to your satisfaction or else they are credited or replaced! No other meal replacement company offers this personalized service!

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Complete Meals Menu

Our customers appreciate that we are the most flexible meal replacement service in the country! Here we explain our menus and why they are different.

This menu contains meals for a variety of special dietary requirements, great for seniors. All meals come in single serving portions and are packaged as complete meals only.

The meals are created by our chefs and nutritionists working in harmony to create diet-specific meals that are still tasty and easy to heat.

Joey P. wrote to us: "I would hate to contemplate my life if you weren’t there to feed me. Consistently superior quality food - what more can you ask for?"

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Our Senior Meals

Chicken Parmigiana with Rice Pilaf and Carrots
Chicken Parmigiana with Rice Pilaf and Carrots - Complete Meals
Sausage Red Pepper Flatbread - a la carte
Sausage & Roasted Red Pepper Flatbread - a la carte
Crab Cakes with Brown Rice & Mixed Vegetables
Crab Cakes with Brown Rice & Mixed Vegetables- Complete Meals

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