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Nutritious Meals for Older People that Contribute to Optimal Health

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is essential for growth and development in every stage of life, including the senior years. Due to the changes that we all face as we age, we're at risk for a several nutritional insufficiencies, many that we could avoid or even treat by following a healthy, balanced diet.

Factors essential for nutritionally recommended meals for older people incorporate foods that are rich in vitamin B12 and lean protein. Since our body's ability to absorb vitamin B12 lessens as we age it's important to increase the intake via food choices like beef, fish, pork, chicken, fish, eggs and foods high in omega 3's like avocados, seed and walnuts, all that also reduce inflammation and improve brain function and mental clarity.

Meals for older people also need to provide healthy amounts of vitamin B6, riboflavin, calcium and vitamin D (work together to keep bones strong) every day. Meals rich in these nutrients include bananas, skim milk, fortified whole grain cereal (and other whole grains), chicken, yogurt, spinach, fish and beans. Vitamin A on the other hand is fat soluble and if taken in excess can be toxic. In sensible amounts vitamin A can improve eyesight, enhance the immune system and more. Foods rich in vitamin A include sweet potatoes, paprika, liver and dark green vegetables.

Most of us are in the habit of adding salt to just about everything we eat but too much salt can lead to heart failure, high blood pressure and other health issues in seniors. Unfortunately as we age our sense of taste and even smell often decreases, leading to adding excessive salt to meals in order to enhance the taste. Good salt substitutes include a variety of spices and fresh herbs and there are several salt free seasoning mixtures available as well that can jazz up the flavor and even add their own special health benefits.

Many other variables impact the quality of meals for older people who find preparing well rounded, nutritionally rich dishes challenging. Lifestyle transitions, economic and social changes, and health related conditions often contribute to whether an elderly person can afford or even has access to the foods they need to eat in order to sustain a healthy diet plan. For older people who find it too challenging to put together a well balanced menu, healthy meal delivery services like deliver meals for older people that encourage optimal health and can be ready to eat in minutes.

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